Movie Rating: 3 out of 10

I had a little bit of time so I figured, “Oh what the hell, I’ll give it a shot.” and like I had suspected, this movie was a pile of shit inside of a pile of shit. So bad that a movie like the original Never Back Down (which I will review soon and will have a score of 5 or 6 out of 10) could be considered an Oscar worthy film.

Of course, I knew it was going to bad, it’s kind of a given with straight to DVD movies but lets talk about the reasons why, starting with this awful script and an ensemble cast. This thing has so many holes in it that would make a hooker with every possible part of her look appealing and clean and it would make a story like Warrior seemed structured. I mean, the writing is just really one dimensional and doesn’t really go anywhere with the characters. Not that I really want that much story to a movie that is about a bunch of people kicking each others asses but I don’t think it’s too much to ask that Chris Hauty at least try. I mean his writing was at least decent in the first movie, but no, we have backgrounds of each character and at the end, a cheap ploy to wrap them up happily. 

The Ensemble cast is one of the hardest things to write when making a movie, I’ll admit that, but there never seems to be any middle ground. Either you have one of epic proportions or you have one that makes you want to drill your own teeth out, and this one made me want to skip past that and just start knocking them out with a chisel. These guys were not only badly written but they were bad actors. They couldn’t even at least attempt to try and make their characters believable. The only person that was good was Evan Peters and that’s actually what kept me from turning the movie off and going out to run.

The only actual thing I was impressed with was that, unlike the previous movie, these guys actually looked convincing as far as their fighting styles. Something that Sean Faris and Cam Gigandet never managed to do in the first movie. So I guess, I’ll forgive the terrible acting a little bit because it’s really difficult to find talented actors with even semi convincing martial arts talent.

I think honestly the one thing that got me the most was that I absolutely hate when someone makes a martial arts movie and has shots of fighting that is so absolutely terrible that you just laugh the whole time. Yes, these guys looked like the style that they were representing and they did have at least some background in them, but I hate watching an MMA movie and seeing fighting that has no fucking place in the ring, and Chris Hauty loves to do that. I understand that in a movie you want flashy movies that look impressive on screen but I fricken’ hate every time I see Capoeira in a MMA

Don’t get me wrong, I thinkCapoeira is a legitimate fighting style if it’s used properly and they sure at least made attempts to do so in Never Back Down 2, but let’s face it, you might be lucky to get one of the moves into a fight, but it’s just not practical. The only practical things I did see were ground game moves and even that was a narrow selection. The picked a few choice moves and then through out the rest and that’s mostly because the ground and pound is famously known because of how brutal it can look when a guy is on your chest and beating the snot out of you. Real pound and ground, the ones that get you points are prolonged though and don’t look flashy because the attacker has to continually readjust in order to maintain his position. I honestly think this had been pointed out in movie production, however, because I noticed in the final fight scenes they began to throw in a lot more reversals to these big flashy moves. 

There are about a dozen other things I can pick at, but my mom told me that I shouldn’t pick at scabs so I’m just going to leave it on this note. The movie gets a 3 out of 10 and if you’re really fucking bored watch it, but I suggest you do so with your friends. At least if you do that, then you can have some good laughs with your buddies.